Loan and Budget Calculators:

Check out these calculators that can help you manage your money and student loans

Student Loan Calculator - Use this calculator to receive an estimate of what your future monthly payments would be for your federal student loans, including Stafford, Parent PLUS, and Graduate PLUS loans. The actual amount that your loan holder calculates may vary.

Budget Calculator - Use this calculator to track and budget your finances.

Income Based Repayment (IBR) Calculator -

  • Use this calculator to estimate your monthly payment amount under the IBR plan.  This plan is available for FFELP borrowers who are experiencing a “partial financial hardship.”
  • Parent PLUS Loans and Consolidation Loans that repaid Parent PLUS Loans are not eligible.
  • You may be eligible for forgiveness on your remaining balance after 25 years of eligible payments.  However, at this time, any amount that is forgiven is considered taxable income.
  • The 10-year Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is only eligible for loans made under   the Federal Direct Student Loan Program.
  • Estimate your monthly payment amount by using the IBR calculator.
  • You are encouraged to contact a representative at our office to discuss all repayment options prior to downloading and completing an IBR Application.

Calculators provided by: Mapping Your Future