Financial Literacy


Students are taught the importance of Math, Science and English from a very early age. Financial literacy is often an afterthought in making sure these students are successful as they become adults. Managing credit, creating a budget, and preventing fraud are all important subjects. See our session descriptions below and contact our office to receive a copy of any of our financial literacy presentations or to schedule a training session at your school. Let EdManage help educate your students on the importance of financial education.


Online Tool


Financial Literacy 101

For years, colleges have used Financial Literacy 101 to teach critical financial skills to a wide range of students. EdManage now brings a customized version of Financial Literacy 101 to colleges in South Carolina.

Financial Literacy 101 >>


  • Helps you think about managing money in a way that’s relevant to your life.
  • Makes sure you understand the basic concepts linked with financial success among students.
  • Offers objective, non-judgmental personal feedback based on your financial attitudes and behaviors.
  • Includes exercises, surveys, quiz questions, assessments, checklists, plus the ability to take notes on any topic.
  • The program is relevant to both traditional and non-traditional students.


In-Person Presentations


Paying for College (Duration: 45 minutes)

A fast-paced, entertaining synopsis of how the financial aid process works, the types of federal and state aid available, eligibility criteria, how to apply, and scams to be aware of - all with an emphasis on how college is possible.

This presentation is targeted to those preparing for college - the families of high school students as well as ‘mature’ students starting or returning to college.

  • How To Apply for Financial Aid – The basics of how the financial aid formula works and how and when to complete the FAFSA.
  • Federal Financial Aid Programs – A brief outline of the basic federal financial aid programs including eligibility criteria, maximum awards, forgiveness provisions and how to apply.
  • South Carolina’s State Financial Aid Programs – Eligibility criteria, application processes and award amounts all explained clearly and concisely.


Repaying Your Student Loans (Duration: 45 minutes)

An overview of what every borrower needs to know as they enter the repayment stage of their student loan. The presentation includes information on deferments, forbearance, loan forgiveness, repayment plans, consequences of default and more. The presentation is upbeat and stresses the fact that communication is a key factor.

This presentation is targeted to those students who are leaving college and is a must for those students leaving college prior to completion.

  • Repayment – An explanation of what to expect, including a time line of events, and a comparison of the different repayment plans.
  • Problems Paying? – There are numerous options such as deferment and forbearance. This presentation will explain the details, qualifications and relief available.
  • Loan Forgiveness – An overview of the loan forgiveness programs available to borrowers from teaching and other public service jobs to total and permanent disability and/or death discharge.


Managing Your Money (Duration: 45 minutes)

A high level look at the essentials to making the most of the money available. This session will specifically review the importance of budgeting, saving, planning for emergencies, making financially wise decisions and recognizing the difference between needs and wants.

  • Building a Budget – The importance of having a ‘written plan’, otherwise known as a budget, will be emphasized. What should be included? How can it be prepared? Sample budgets will be provided, and much more will be discussed.
  • Rent, Lease or Buy? – Which is best? It depends, and this session will look at the factors that should be considered to make a financially prudent decision.


Credit (Duration: 45 minutes)

This session will delve into the importance and the dangers of credit. It will focus on how to build and protect a credit history as well as the dangers associated with borrowing money.

  • Credit Reports – Providing instructions on how to obtain and understand your credit report, including your FICO score and what it means.
  • Credit Card Dangers – How to choose a good credit card with a look at what can be in the fine print and what should be avoided.
  • Fraud & Identity Theft – An ever increasing problem, this presentation will explore ways to protect yourself and what to do if you become a victim.
  • Credit Repair - Steps to take if your credit has been damaged.


Real Advice for the Real World (i.e. Life After College)

Sessions offered here will look at ‘real world skills’ that can only help with success.


Interviewing 101 (Duration: 45 minutes)

Learn the skills necessary to ensure you always ‘put your best foot forward’. This interactive session is fun and will provide you the confidence to succeed in your next interview.


Congratulations, You’re the Boss! Now What? (Duration: 45 minutes)**Coming Soon!**

Being the boss is more than telling people what to do. This session will look at some of the fundamental principles of people management to help you become a more effective manager and to build a more efficient organization.

Burning Your Candle at Both Ends – How to Manage Stress (Duration: 45 minutes) **Coming Soon!**

Stress is something we all experience and cannot totally avoid. Stress can energize and focus us or destroy us. It is all in how we manage it. Focusing on how you can handle stress on a daily basis, this presentation will help you make sure you aren’t ‘burning your candle at both ends’.

Communicating Effectively (Duration: 45 minutes) **Coming Soon!**

This presentation focuses on how we communicate and how we can become more effective through our communications skills. Highlighting verbal communication skills, what we say and how we say it, this session is informative and fun.