Financial Literacy



While the importance of education is instilled in all of us from an early age, fiscal responsibility is often overlooked when deciding what classes to take, the decisions that guide our future, and choices that shape our lives. EdManage offers lessons to improve knowledge, change bad habits, and guide you in determining what is in our control in becoming financially literate.



Financial Literacy 101

For years, colleges have used Financial Literacy 101 to teach critical financial skills to a wide range of students. EdManage now brings a customized version of Financial Literacy 101 to students attending many colleges in South Carolina. Whether you are a first-year college student or a graduating student exploring student loan repayment options, we offer courses and other resources you can use today.

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  • Helps you think about managing money in a way that’s relevant to your life.
  • Makes sure you understand the basic concepts linked with financial success among students.
  • Offers objective, non-judgmental personal feedback based on your financial attitudes and behaviors.
  • Includes exercises, surveys, quiz questions, assessments, checklists, plus the ability to take notes on any topic.
  • The program is relevant to both traditional and non-traditional students.